“To understand the future you must first understand the past. Haslam and Lamberti have done a great job at documenting the Zimbabwean hyperinflation in an easily readable manner. Even if you haven’t studied economics or central banking, you’ll be able to understand what happens when countries print money and why hyperinflation is coming to countries across the world, including the US dollar.”


CEO/Founder, The Dollar Vigilante

“We are rarely, if ever, exposed to what it is like to live through a hyperinflation. This is because it is so economically, socially and psychologically damaging. History records numerous runaway inflations, including ones in Germany, France, Russia, China and in Revolutionary America. With the spectre of hyperinflation looming in the future, When Money Destroys Nations is a timely, accessible, and informative contribution to prepare people for the consequences.”


Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and a Research Fellow with the Independent Institute

“I always appreciate literature that brings economic concepts to non-economists in a simple way that is fascinating to read. It is a measure of their knowledge on both the subject of Zimbabwe and hyperinflation that Haslam and Lamberti have been able to achieve the balance between using anecdotal evidence through countless interviews and a deep understanding of complex economic issues to achieve exactly that. This is a must-read for anyone who cares about holding their civil servants to account, the consequences of bad policies and how to prepare for the fallout.”


MD and co-founder, ETM Analytics

“Haslam and Lamberti have produced a fascinating, accessible account of how Zimbabweans actually lived (and died) during the world’s second-highest hyperinflation, one that dwarfed the German hyperinflation of 1922-23. Yes, the peak daily inflation rate in Zimbabwe in November 2008 was 98% — an economic tragedy that Haslam and Lamberti skillfully bring to life.”


Professor of Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University

“An old and reliable adage states that one can learn either from experience or by reading what others have learned from experience. Most people have not lived through a monetary upheaval and have not experienced the disruptions to society when a currency goes bust. So to learn from others, When Money Destroys Nations should be on everyone’s reading list.”


Fouder of GoldMoney.com and author of The Money Bubble: What To Do Before It Pops

“In When Money Destroys Nations, Haslam and Lamberti have given a vivid account of how the Zimbabwean government’s profligate spending, financed by central bank money printing, destroyed the living standards of people who either survived or fled the country’s hyperinflation. Don’t repeat the mistake of the millions of Zimbabweans who weren’t prepared for what lay ahead. Pick up a copy of When Money Destroys Nations and learn about the factors that led to Zimbabwe’s economic collapse, and use the framework that Haslam and Lamberti provide to help you monitor and understand hyperinflations. Consider implementing some of the authors’ practical suggestions on how you can protect your family from the effects of a hyperinflationary economic collapse.”


Economist and Founder of the Mises Institute South Africa

“This is a splendid book with much to offer lay readers as economists. It is a rare example of scholarly substance combined with accessible narrative and human interest. It explains much more than hyperinflation. Readers experience a rollercoaster ride through the ghastly horrors inflicted on entire populations by central bankers and politicians who use money to become diabolical oppressors. It provides disturbing insights into ominous parallels between Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation and profligate polices that have become increasingly trendy in supposedly responsible countries, including the USA.”


Executive Director, Free Market Foundation