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I’m an economic advisor, writer and speaker. Trained as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa, I furthered my career in finance and economics. I regularly present to a variety of audiences on money, banking and the international financial system. My latest research into the Zimbabwe hyperinflation provides critical clues to the consequences of money printing. My goal is to influence multinational monetary policy with sound economic reform. I’ve lived in both Europe and America, and currently reside in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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I am Chief Strategist at investment strategy advisory firm ETM Analytics, and co-founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute South Africa. I participate in round-table discussions with the South African Reserve Bank’s monetary policy committee. I’m published in major financial publications and make frequent TV and radio appearances to discuss key topics on economics and financial markets. My great passions are monetary economics and how to reform the monetary and banking system, all of which come a distant second to spending time with my family.

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