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Articles & Interviews

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Philip Haslam and Russell Lamberti (2014), When Money Destroys Nations

Henry Hazlitt (1946), Economics in One Lesson, Harper & Brothers

Murray N. Rothbard (1990), What Has Government Done to Our Money (Fifth Edition), Auburn Alabama: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman (1982), The Case For Gold, Cato Institute, Washington DC

Gary North (1986), Honest Money, Fort Worth, TX: Dominion Press

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Murray Rothbard (2008), The Mystery of Banking (Second Edition), Auburn Alabama: Ludwig von Mises Institute

Henry Hazlitt, (1965), What You Should Know About Inflation (Second Edition), Princeton New Jersey: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc.

Landa Cope (2006), The Old Testament Template, The Template Institute Press

Adam Fergusson (1975), When Money Dies, London: William Kimber

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Ludwig von Mises (1953), The Theory of Money and Credit, Yale University Press

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